User Guide

This is a duplicate of the User Guide notebook created when you register your account.


Picture Speech allows you to take or use photos of text and convert it into speech. See the Camera Tips guide book for more information on this process. Once a piece of text has been captured you are able to save it to a notebook and then Picture Speech will read your text to you. The process of capturing content usually takes a few seconds and if you just want Picture Speech to read out text then select the 'Text Only' option and you can type out your note manually.
Notes and Notebooks
Picture Speech uses notes and notebooks to store your captured content. A notebook can be created on the Notebooks tab or when you create a new note. A note can only be created from the capture screen. You can choose your own cover image for the notebook and edit it at anytime. Editing or deleting a note or notebook is easy, for a notebook press the edit button and select any notebook for more options. For notes simply swipe to delete on the note screen. Once a notebook or note has been deleted it can never be recovered, notebooks will lose all notes within them if deleted.

Profile and Settings

Thanks for setting up a profile. You can use this to sign in on any device, you can also reset your password or log out from the Profile tab. Picture Speech allows you to set the default speech rate and toggle between an American Female voice or British Male voice. We welcome all feedback and queries, to contact us please use the support options on the Profile Tab.

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